Day 5: When & where did I give my first reading?


This is actually a really funny story that makes me giggle as much now, as it did then. Maybe even more actually. It was in my kitchen, at home, with my father! Continue reading


30 Days 30 Questions Tarot Challenge


It’s been far too long since I wrote my last blog post- I feel quite awful that I haven’t written but I am going to stay positive that I am writing again now & that’s all that matters hey?

I have decided that to keep me blogging regularly I am going to participate in a 30day Tarot challenge. I absolutely love writing and I am a regular Tarot card reader too so it feels like a great challenge to keep me motivated in my writing. Continue reading

*1000 Voices Speak For Compassion*


I am a compassionate being filled with Love and Kindness.

I am an example of unconditional Love to all those around me.

I always look for light in others and if I find myself wanting to judge another person, I recognise those feelings and send that person my Love instead.

My compassionate heart allows me to relate to others with peace, understanding, Love and forgiveness. 

I know that LOVE is always the answer.