Law of Attraction

manifesting 1You know sometimes when you just fancy something particular to eat and you’re craving it so much that you imagine how gorgeous it’s going to taste when you eat it? Well this is quite the same process as manifesting your desires into real life, but we don’t usually make the connection because the above example is something so routine and habitual that it doesn’t sound as “magic” as “manifesting” does.

Well in this post we’re going to have a look at unraveling this process so we can all use it whenever we want to manifest the things we want most in our lives.

You might be quite surprised that I’m going to say it’s possible to manifest anything you want if you carefully master the following three steps:

1st you have to ASK the universe for what you want

Here you can write it down, say it out loud or even in your thoughts. The main point is that you’re very clear and precise about what you want. The more energy/time you put into this will also help to really justify how much you want the thing you’re asking for.

2nd you have to BELIEVE that what you’ve asked for is coming to you

From the previous step, if you’ve thought about what you want enough, the next thing we need to do is really believe that it’s coming to us- to the point where how you feel is how you would feel if your wish had already been granted. Aligning your emotions with your desired outcome is absolutely vital to making this process work and doubting will only slow down your process or even stop it from working at all. When we say believe, you have to put your 100% faith into it.

3rd and finally if you’ve followed steps one and two, it’s time to RECEIVE your desired outcome.

You need to be open to how your desires are manifested, be an active player in reaching your goals and if an opportunity arises- don’t hesitate for a second to take it! The universe will offer things to you that are in line with your desired outcomes and you need to be ready to take them.

So in very simple words, we need to keep our dreams big and our thoughts high. Everything we want is possible and waiting for us to take it with both hands. The only thing that stops us, is usually ourselves. Live openly, love deeply and believe truly.

*.* Love, Light & Smiles *.*

Over and out from Miss Sunshine.


5 thoughts on “Law of Attraction

  1. Very good explained! As soon as we are used to that technique (I experienced that at myself) that everything we believe in is supposed to come true, we develop a reflex. I skip the steps between because the belief of things coming true is so profound that I am going around with this belief and things simply fall into place.
    We also have to be careful not get stuck in our brain with our wishes. Then the ego takes over and we cut the cord of the universal flow.
    That’s a wonderful post, Miss! I love it. It is all about creating out of believing.

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Erika. I love having your input on my posts and sharing the same intentions manifests great things for all of us… I am so happy that the law of attraction is working for you & that your life benefits from it! Lots of Love & Light to you Erika! ❤

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      1. Oh thank you, for this lovly reply 😊 Oh, yes it definitely works for me … either way… lol. The secret is to align with what we want consiously and not with what we don’t want unconsiously… 😉

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  2. ha! did you reblog this for me?! lol kidding. sorta. kinda. didya? bwhahah…love this regardless. thanks for the confirmation of the confirmation! xo


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