Pay It Forward: Day 1 – Victim Of My Own Administration


Today I had to sort some administration things out. FYI I live in France and paperwork is like a national sport here except instead of the competition being who can go the fastest, it’s more like who can go the slowest.!

So off I went to the office, with all of my millions of papers. I knew what I was heading for so I had already psyched myself up and said “Okay, what ever happens, keep calm and smile on!”

 I was met by somebody who wasn’t interested in helping me and didn’t make much of an effort to slow down & help me understand all of the gobbledy-gook she was spouting at me (I’m not a native French speaker, by the way). So I did manage to stay calm but my real act of kindness came when she ever so rudely threw all of my papers back across the table at me & said “Je ne peux rien faire madame”  (basically- I can’t help you, lady!) I knew she could, it was the reason I was there but instead of fighting that battle, I decided to try and change this woman’s attitude so that maybe the next person she deals with has a better experience with her than I did.

I spoke words of kindness explaining that I was grateful for the time she had spent with me and the help she (hadn’t exactly) given to me… Then I gave her a really big smile & wished her a good day.

I am trying to understand this woman’s position and although I don’t find excuses, she probably doesn’t have many people speaking nicely to her either being in the job that she is in. Upon leaving, she did actually welcome me to come back another day and she would try to help me sort out the problem I had originally gone to her for.

Even if my original intention of going to this office wasn’t met, I left having felt like I made this woman’s attitude go from a little bit mean, to rather pleasant, just by not retaliating to her attitude and being genuinely nice to her. It just goes to show that as little as words might by, they are so powerful. I’d say job well done, wouldn’t you?

Can’t wait for tomorrows random act! Join in if you feel like it, I’d love to see what you’re doing with your days to make other people’s days that little bit brighter ^^

*.* Love, Light & Courage *.*

Miss Sunshine.x


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