Pay It Forward Day 2 – Sun Catch My Mammy

chakra suncatcher

Today I bought this lovely Crystal Sun Catcher for my mammy! When I saw it, I knew it was so her and she’s such a wonderful person in so many people’s lives that buying her a random present- just doesn’t really warrant any excuse at all!

It’s quite funny really because when I decided to start this challenge (just two days ago…) I was thinking of what I could do but now, on my second day, I’m actually really enjoying the spontaneous opportunities that come to me to show kindness in ways that I hadn’t planned at all. I wasn’t specifically looking to dedicate my act to my mammy today, it just kind of happened and I’m so happy it did!

I’m also really glad I did because sometimes I think we can be a little hard on ourselves when we buy things for ourselves, but I don’t know why- when I buy something for somebody else it just gives me a lovely warm fuzzy feeling inside and I really hope it does the same for my mammy when she receives it.

So my random act of kindness today was for the person who gifted me with this amazing thing that I call MY LIFE!

What random kind things have you done today?

Sending you all millions and millions of

*.* Love, Light & Sunshine *.*

Miss Sunshine.x


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