Pay It Forward Day 3 – Light Up A Life


For today’s act of kindness I decided to donate money to a charity that I have personally seen the marvelous work of.

Douglas Macmillan Cancer Support does exactly what it says in the title- and they really do it so well! I was thinking which charity to donate some money to & it just felt natural to give it to this one. Not only did they help look after my Nana, but it brings warm memories of when I was a little girl my Grandy always used to give us money & tell us to take it into the local Macmillan charity shop…

There’s something about this “random” kindness that makes me feel really uplifted. I think it’s because it’s not just a personal benefit- it’s a shared one & I’m not the only one who’s going to feel more positive from it!

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful day,

*.* Love, Light & Let’s Fight This *.*

Miss Sunshine.x


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