Pay It Forward Day 4 – Tarot Me Happy


Being a huge fan of writing, I also love reading over other people’s pieces as well. I have a gorgeous friend who is currently in the middle of setting up a tarot training course and she’s in the process of putting together all of the resources.

A while back, I offered to proof read for her if she wanted me to do so and *ping* guess what arrived in my inbox today? I was so happy to see it there because I know how much time and effort she is putting in to it and how much people are going to LOVE her course when it goes live and well now this means it’s finally coming into fruition for her which is just great news!

So I had a wild Friday evening with lots of cups of tea’s and my laptop- it almost felt like I was back at university being a student again (best days EVER, by the way!)

Not only did I love this experience because it gave me the chance to deepen my knowledge of the tarot but I know she will really appreciate the help too, so day 4 and I think I’m still doing pretty well! ^^

Anybody else got any acts of kindness to share today?

*.* Love, light & Tarot Fun *.*

Miss Sunshine.x


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