Pay It Forward Day 5 – Flower Bombing


Day Five & Feeling Fab!

I think flowers always brighten up people’s days don’t they? There are so many reasons why they’re beautiful; they smell fresh, they look gorgeous, they’re part of nature and they do a fabulous job of brightening up places where they’re put!

It was one of my friend’s mammy’s birthdays and even if I’ve only met her  just a few times, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to FLOWER BOMB her! Flower bombing was an idea I had from a fellow blog which I absolutely love; Let’s Do Some Good Today (it’s overflowing with so many heart-warming stories and ideas!)

Whilst my gesture was offering the flowers, I think the law of giving & receiving was in perfect balance that night because I also had the return of random kindness because I had a wonderful family who welcomed me into their home, cooked a delicious meal and made me feel part of their family.

Moments like these really do just make you realise that the world is full of nice people and spreading kindness costs nothing but brings so much!

*.* Love, Light & Flower Bombs *.*

Miss Sunshine.x


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