Pay It Forward Day 6 – Helping Hands

2514357_1415458733.1183One of the best things about starting this blog, for me, is how many people it opens you up to. I’m quite amazed at how many many blogs, websites and pages that I’ve come across & just the sheer amount of people who are trying to bring good things to the world.

Over the weekend, while scrolling through my Facebook page, I came across a page which kind of tore me into two.

Dream Africa Care Foundation has several projects, one of which is an orphanage which houses 47 children from 2yrs old – 14yrs old. Unfortunately, the property which they rent is going up for sale- VERY SOON and the organisation is in desperate need of people’s kindness to help them raise enough money to buy the property.

The children have already had rough starts in life without counting the previous times they’ve had to move around and settle in different places. This place is what they call “home” and I imagine of all the unstable things in their little lives, this is one thing they can count on.

So my plea for today is this; if you can spare anything, anything, anything at all then please let’s all pull together and help this organisation make their home their own! 

Even if you can’t donate you can always share their story to spread it far and wide to touch more and more people which will hopefully help them in their difficulty.

You can read their story & donate here and you can find their Facebook hereplease remember that every little helps and spreading their story will also play a part in helping this project.

*.* Love, Light & Helping Hands *.*

Miss Sunshine.x


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