Pay It Forward Day 7 – Smile Infection


Isn’t it always nice when you see people smiling? I love the story of the infectious smile where if you walk around with a smile of your face, then everybody you meet will start to smile and then make everybody they meet smile too and the ripple effect just keeps going on and on…

I think it’s a wonderful thought thinking that something as simple as a smile can bring brightness to so many people’s lives. They don’t cost anything and they make everybody feel good… so what are we waiting for?

I chose for today to use my smile as my random act of kindness. It’s actually quite funny because I live in Paris and I don’t know if any of you have ever visited but the stereotype of Parisians (particularly Parisians in public transport) not being among the most “smiliest” of natures- isn’t such a generality…

When I first moved here, I was sitting on a metro & I caught eyes with a man sitting opposite me. Quite naturally, I smiled. For me this is a completely normal reaction to have when your eyes meet with another’s. Well it obviously wasn’t the case for the man I was sitting opposite to. He started to become a little uncomfortable and his eyes frantically wandered from left, to right and up and down- looking for a reason as to why I was smiling because OBVIOUSLY just being a smiley person was too strange of a scenario for this person ahah! When he realised I was just simply smiling, he started to look at me like I was a weirdo. It really made me laugh because seriously, who’s the strange person here?

Almost two years later, this is a regular occurrence for me now but I am quite happy to say that Paris hasn’t completely “changed” me & even if I’m sometimes smiling alone in the metro – I still wear my smile bright and big; trying to spark more smiles person by person!

The photograph I’ve used are the gorgeous smiles of my family.

How’s international random act of kindness week going for  you?

*.* Love, Light & Goofy Grins *.*

Miss Sunshine.x

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7 thoughts on “Pay It Forward Day 7 – Smile Infection

  1. What a wonderful idea! So much better to propagate a smile infection than the one of the season 🙂
    The story with the man you smiled to at the metro made me smile. As a Parisian I will dare another interpretation: he thought you were hitting on him. But then, you were not following with the expected scenario and he got confused. Or maybe not. Have a great day and thank you 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comment- point very well taken! ahah. In fact, the reactions I get on the metro’s for randomly smiling is one of the reasons I love Paris! I feel like it has a very distinct atmosphere & when I’ve been away for too long, I miss it (even the long faces!). Love & light to my neighbour 🙂 xoxox

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      1. You can say that again! I fall in love (several times a day) since I moved to Paris ahah. Loving your blog too by the way, it’s becoming my new read but I want to follow the story from the beginning so I have my catching up to do! ❤ !

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  2. So, what are the results of your infectious smiles? Are people beginning to smile back at you, do they seem to be happier after you smile at them? I am just curious. I smile at everyone, everywhere I go and there is nothing I love more than to see the energy and the non-verbal body language of grumpy people become friendly and happy ~ but I live in America and have never been to France (although, it is a life-long dream of mine *sigh*) and I am very interested in hearing the rest of the story so to speak!

    Sending love and lots of smiles over to you!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤

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    1. Coucouuuuu!

      Thanks for your message, we share the same view on non-verbal communication. Isn’t it crazy how so much can be understood from so little/no words? It’s amaziiiing!

      Concerning the infectious smile progress, it’s advancing slowly but surely! I just love it too especially when your smile was a success and somebody actually smiles back at you.

      I’ve noticed here in Paris, particularly since Spring has started making an appearance, that people are more susceptible to smiling back at me. It’s sure that “sunshine” generally puts people in a better mood whether that’s literally from it peeping through the clouds or people like us just trying to spread some smiles around!

      Sending lots of smiles back to you too ❤ ❤ Love & Light!


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