Pay It Forward Day 8 – Watch With Glittering Eyes

10984827_10152544447436707_805356337_nToday I went to Disneyland Paris. I’ve always loved watching a good old Disney film & the fact that the last time I went to the themepark was about 13years ago, I was super happy to be invited by a group of friends to go again.

I feel like no matter what age you go at, it’s just so magical and full of excitement! In fact, going as an adult gave me something extra because I was thinking, if it feels THIS magical to me, imagine how it is for small children- just wow!

My favourite part was at the end there was a firework show (I’m an absolute sucker for fireworks – I want them at my wedding- & funeral lol!) and the music was dead loud with all the theme tunes of great Disney films. Watching the little children was so nice, I mean, I was in awe myself so I can just imagine all of the bubbles popping inside their little bodies watching the show!

My random act of kindness came earlier in the day when we were queuing to get on one of the rides. One child was so excited to get on, he was tugging at his daddy’s hand and it looked like he was walking on hot coal for how much he was jumping around. Anyway, when we finally arrived (after a looooooong wait) my friends & I were the last ones to get onto the ride. The boy’s little faced just dropped & I could see he had thought it was his turn- but all the seats had been filled. So with my friend, we told him we could wait for the next one and for him to go ahead. He was so happy & guess what? Surprise, surprise, so were we!

*.* Love, Light & Fairytales *.*

Miss Sunshine.x


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