Pay It Forward Day 10 – Three Is A Magic Number

So the point of today’s random act of kindness was to say at least three nice things to everybody you come into contact with.I absolutely love this one because I don’t think you can ever be too nice or too kind and you never really know how much people might actually need to hear your heartfelt words.

I know for me personally, when somebody else says something nice to me, I believe it so much more than when I say it to myself – even if I already knew what they said was true before. It’s not that I’m not comfortable receiving compliments (I love it!) it’s just that it feels so much more real when somebody else confirms it.

So today I thought how nice would it be to give other people that feeling? I am actually quite a overtly loving person already so it wasn’t so unusual for people to hear me saying nice things but I know it definitely made the people I did come into contact with feel lifted and more positive, which is just great isn’t it?

Since I was a little girl, my family have also taught us the old motto of “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” and it’s really something I try to live by and it’s quite amazing to¬†find that speaking more positively does in fact bring more happiness into your life. The emphasis stops being on the negative which eventually ends up feeling like it’s just a small part of the overall picture.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful happy filled week!

*.* Love, Light & Compliments *.*

Miss Sunshine.x


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