Pay It Forward Day 11 – Happy Valentine’s Day


I woke up on Valentine’s morning and had a quick scroll through my newsfeed etc and it was overflowing with pictures of flowers, cards and just general romantic love messages. 

I am not one of those types of people who finds it irritating when people put their emotions all over social media but this morning a thought did cross my mind which I didn’t particularly like; I just remembered reality that I probably wouldn’t be receiving any flowers or romantic gestures that day. I was quite surprised because I am not usually into all of this stuff.

No sooner had the thought crossed my mind there was another, which came flying in at full force reminding me that actually- my life is full of Love! (the one with the captial ‘L’). Okay it’s true that it’s not a Love shared with a partner but it’s so completely full of Love shared with a wonderful family, genuine friends and just so many beautiful people and things that my life is really so very rich.

Realising how grateful I was for all of this lovely sparkling Love that I have in my life, I decided to dedicate my day to that. To the Love that brightens my day, everyday! & I tell you what, it was one of the nicest day’s I’ve had recently.

During my day, I was pondering about different Valentine’s days that I had had before, which was  making me giggle and feel nostalgic at the same time. At one point while I was walking around, I looked up and I noticed a huuuuuge rainbow shining over me in what was a grey, rainy day in Paris. For me, it was my “ha! In your face!” moment from the Universe for even thinking that I wouldn’t be having flowers or gifts from a boyfriend earlier in the morning- how fab is that?

So with an even more intensified feeling of being loved, I went to meet one of my very good friends who I hadn’t seen for a really long time. We shared our recent news and experiences while sipping coffee and enjoying each others company. It was just perfect!

Then on my way home, I was feeling grateful again for the wonderful day I’d spent and for my sign with the rainbow that I decided to make it even better and treat myself that evening. I believe that we shouldn’t expect other people to do for us, what we can do for ourselves so to defy my earlier morning thoughts again I decided to make my own valentines evening.

I went into the supermarket and bought my favourite things to eat. I had gorgeous fresh fluffy bread, yummy cheeses, cured ham, juicy olives, tasty tomatoes and the best part- my favourite bottle of red wine to wash it down with. So there I was, feeling grateful for all of the love I had in my life and loving myself-  having my own drunken picnic chez moi!

I think it’s really important to not only bring kindness to other people’s lives but to be your own friend too. Make yourself happy. If you want to share happiness and kindness with other people, you need to be full of happiness and kindness yourself. For Valentine’s day 2015 I felt so full of Love that it was bursting out of me left right & centre!

Hope you all felt special too!

*.* Love, Light & Bursting with Love *.*

Miss Sunshine. x


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