Pay It Forward day 13 – The Wise Owl


Today I spend the afternoon with a friend who just got back from a weekend get-away in London. Whilst getting ready to meet her, I become aware of the bubbles of excitement and anticipation filling up my body when I was thinking of the tales she would soon be telling me.

As I sat down, we started talking about what she had been up to there and how much fun she had been having and we started talking about long distance relationships. I was quick to give my opinions and insights about this topic but what surprised me was that – I don’t really have any first-hand experience to justify my points. I told this to her and she was also taken back a little bit to realise it was the same for her but we were both there spouting millions of words like we had actually lived it.

So from there, I decided to make my random act of kindness for today about LISTENING. I realised that we all spend so much time communicating and talking with people, on a daily basis but how much do we actually listen? How much do we really hear what the other people are trying to tell us?

Food for thought…

*.* Love, Light & Listening *.*

Miss Sunshine.x


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