30 Days 30 Questions Tarot Challenge


It’s been far too long since I wrote my last blog post- I feel quite awful that I haven’t written but I am going to stay positive that I am writing again now & that’s all that matters hey?

I have decided that to keep me blogging regularly I am going to participate in a 30day Tarot challenge. I absolutely love writing and I am a regular Tarot card reader too so it feels like a great challenge to keep me motivated in my writing.

Hoping that you’ll all stay up to date with me and give me your comments on my posts!

*.* Love, Light & Tarot Fun *.*

Miss Sunshine.x


3 thoughts on “30 Days 30 Questions Tarot Challenge

  1. That’s a great idea! I learned to read Tarot cards as well, but unfortunately don’t use them regularely. So this way maybe I can benefit from your posts. Anyway, looking forward to them.

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    1. Ah! Wonderful idea Erika, I would love that… I also quite often put posts on my FB page where I do free readings for my online friends ^^ If you ever feel like one let me know either on my page or on the blog – it would be a pleasure! ❤

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