Day 1: What introduced me to tarot?


How did I become involved with the tarot, my story explained…

I remember being a very little girl sitting at school and listening to people talk about this shop in my home town that sold ‘spooky stuff’ and I remember my mind going on a wander making me as fascinated as I was scared. I never actually went to this shop but my fascination with tarot stayed with me since then.

When I was younger, with my family, we used to go on weekends away to a place called Blackpool, in England. It’s by the sea side (even if it’s not really warm enough to go bathing!) and anyway, all along the sea front are arcades, bingo stalls and all sorts of weird and wonderful attractions. Amongst them are tarot readers and palm readers and my goodness would I kick up a fuss to go in and pay for a reading. You would step inside what can only be described as a small box that was just covered in dark velvet drapes, crystals and all things gypsy. I absolutely loved it!

It’s only really now that I’m looking back on it that I wonder if they do their readings purely for entertainment purposes or not? Regardless of that aspect, for me they set the atmosphere perfectly! So I used to do this every time we went to Blackpool but it wasn’t until I left college and decided to take a gap year before starting university that I really got introduced to the tarot on a personal level.

During this year I worked full time as an office assistant and it was here that I met who I would call my fountain of knowledge concerning the tarot and somebody I know is one of my Earth Angels.

I had always felt intuitively in touch with myself, my inner guidance and had already a list of occasions when I believe my gut was telling me something was about to happen but I had never really thought about using tarot cards as a guide for myself. This lady opened me up to so many wonderful things that I really do believe she helped to give me my first fundamental steps into my spiritual awakening.  I learnt and continue to learn so much from this lady and she has remained a very important lady in my life, and my family’s life, even several years on. She also became my Mother’s tarot teacher who also offers professional tarot services and can be found at the following link: Eternal Hope & Guidance

Have any of you got an interesting story of how you became involved in tarot?

*.* Love, Light & Expanding Knowledge *.*

Miss Sunshine.x


3 thoughts on “Day 1: What introduced me to tarot?

  1. Hi Miss Sunshine!

    I loved reading this post. I got my Tarot deck as a gift from my mum, who is one of my Earth Angels! I have only used it a few times but I would love to start using it more regularly. I’ve only ever used Tarot for myself, and have never done a reading for another person. Does it take a lot of practice to better understand the cards before you can start readings for other people? It’s all very new & exciting to me, and I can’t wait to read more of your posts during your 30 day challenge!

    Jacqui 🙂

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    1. Hello Jacqui,

      So nice to read your comment – our Mammy’s must have something in common, more than just being our Earth Angels ey!? ^^ Which Tarot deck did she give to you? Did you like using them?

      If I am being honest I much prefer reading the tarot for other people than I do for myself but I started out exactly the same as you… Then I decided to brave it & go for reading other people as well. I found that with reading for people (who I absolutely didn’t know) came more naturally to be to begin with & I think that had a lot do to with ‘proving it’ to myself! Have you ever thought about doing a reading for somebody else? You should try on a complete stranger & see what comes up! I always find that if you’re doing it with Love & good intentions that people really appreciate the light that the cards can shed on their lives.

      At the beginning it used to really make me giggle because I would go off on these tangents reading the cards & my ‘rational’ thoughts were like “Yes! She has well & truely gone bonkers!” but I just indulged it & learnt to trust and follow my intuition and the rest just came naturally… & I am still learning new, amazing things every day… I’m pretty sure for most people it is always a work in progress!

      Thank you again for stopping by! I really loved reading from you 🙂 I will definitely pop along to your blog too… Keep in touch! ❤ Lots of Love xoxox Natalie


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