Day 2: What was my first deck, how and why did I get it?


Following on from the story of how I first got familiar with the tarot, my first deck was actually passed down to me from my Mammy. When my Mother gave them to me, she had worked and practiced with them for quite a while so they were so deeply infused with great energies from her and I just knew it was my time to see how they worked.

Apparently, it is always a good idea to have tarot cards passed down to you because of the point I have just made about them carrying energies on them. I know mine were blessed as soon as I put my hands on them and I always make a point of being gentle with them by keeping them safe in a little satin pouch with some crystals.

My first deck was the Rider Waite tarot cards. I felt, especially as a beginner, that they’re the easiest ones to read. Even now I am still always amazed at how much information you can get from them literally just looking at the cards and making meanings from the pictures that appear. They’re so full of colour and imagery that I often point out to my querent’s that what I am saying actually does appear in the picture.

One of the nicest things about doing this challenge is that looking back, it’s so nice to see how much progress you can make by practicing the tarot regularly and how much more familiar you become with the cards. If any of you feel like participating in my free reading giveaways, go over to the FB page: Sprinkle Sunshine

*.* Love, Light & Energy *.*

Miss Sunshine.x


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