Day 3: Do I have more than one deck that I use, and if so, do I have a favourite?


The amount of decks that exist always baffle me and I absolutely LOVE collecting them. However concerning how many I do actually use, I do stick quite closely with my old faithfuls… The Rider-Waite tarot deck.

I have two decks so far from Doreen Virtue’s collection the Daily Angel Guidance Oracle Cards and the Talking to Heaven Mediumship cards and I also have a deck of the Tarot de Marsailles.  I very often sit on amazon and make wish lists of the one’s I would like to have in the future, I think my list is up to 20 at the moment! lol!

I do absolutely love the decks I have at the moment, I feel that the Daily Angel Guidance cards are really comforting, loving and encouraging. When I do a reading I usually do my main spreads with my Rider-Waite (R-W) deck and then pull an Angel card to finish off with – it really never seizes to amaze me when the Angel card knocks what’s just gone on in the reading RIGHT.ON.THE.HEAD! You can request a reading on my ‘Intuitive Reading’ page of the blog and also regularly offer free mini-readings on my Facebook page.

I don’t tend to read from my Tarot de Marsailles set because I usually use them as a reference as to where my R-W deck originated from. When I am enjoying my cards just for myself I very compare the two decks by lining one particular card from the R-W Deck directly next to it’s equivalent in the Tarot de Marsailles deck. It’s something that always fascinates me and I would love to have more decks to do this with because I’m sure that it expands your knowledge and imagination and devinatory skills. I actually got my deck of the Tarot de Marsailles because I started practicing, properly, in France and it’s much more common here to use that deck, it was the deck that the group I was attending were using.

I am now going to list my main reasons for why the R-W deck is my favourite:

1) They were first deck, passed down from my Mammy

I believe that the R-W deck are my favourite partly because they were passed down to me with the loving energy from my Mammy… For this particular reason, I am inclined to say that I would probably feel the same about another deck had my Mammy passed a different deck down to me. But the reality remains, that as soon as me and the R-W deck met, we formed an unbreakable bond…

2) The imagery really helps the reading

78 cards is quite a lot to remember when we take into account things like being a beginner, the several meanings to one card and if it appears with another card it’s meaning changes etc…etc… But with the R-W deck, I do feel that for me the imagery really helps to bring the cards alive and help you remember their meanings. The colours, the people, the signs, the animals, the weather, the buildings…   I honestly believe that even if you don’t read tarot, you could have a really good go at reading the card just from looking at what appears in the pictures.

3) They’re interactive

As I was talking about the imagery above, I not only think that helps bring the cards to life but I also really like that for the fact that it makes the reading more interactive. I really appreciate moments in a reading when what I am saying corresponds to something that appears in the card pictures. I feel that it further intrigues your querent and involves them in the reading but I also think that it mentally fixes the cards that came for them in their brains too (maybe this has something to do with learning styles!?).

Voila, that’s my post for day no3… I am loving this challenge! You can keep up with more of my things on Facebook too, if you would like to!

Do any of you have any suggestions of decks that I should add to my wishlist?

*.* Love, Light & Collecting Cards! *.*

Miss Sunshine.x


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