Day 4: How long have I been reading the tarot?


My adventure with the tarot has kind of unfolded over the last years or so years, although the relationship I share with the cards have changed quite a lot over that time.

I would say that I started out using the tarot in times of need, insecurity and even desperation. When things felt like they were getting too much, the tarot served as a pick-me-up and I really loved it for that. It’s not at all that I was more upset back then or anything like that, I think it just took me some time to learn, develop and grow with the tarot to realise that actually, they can be there for you what ever you’re feeling- a bit like a friend – a best friend!

In the more recent years of my tarot journey, I have also grown to love reading for other people as well as myself. At the beginning, I think it’s always reassuring when you’re focusing on the cards just for yourself and I feel like that period really consecrates the relationship between you and your cards and you get to know each other, get familiar with each others energies and also the attitudes of each and every card individually. This period was wonderful for me because I honestly did feel like I had found a new friend (which I always think is a good thing!)

After I became really attached personally to my cards, I was being more open about talking about them with my friends and that’s when people started being interested in me giving readings. I was only really doing it with my close friends to start with and because they were going well, I felt like I needed to prove to myself the strength of my abilities. I felt like reading friends was often easier because you already know a lot about them etc… but when I started reading absolute strangers – WOW! I was on cloud one thousand million!

This pretty much brings me up to date with where I am with my long lasting relationship with the tarot. We have now got an online home together here in the blog, on Facebook and also on Instagram now too- so I think we can say our relationship has blossomed over the times!

If you are interested in a reading I do offer full readings through the blog here and also very often post free mini-reading offers on my Facebook page! I would love for you to get involved!

What about any of you? Have you always been around cards? Did it start later in life? I’m also posing myself questions at the moment about the difference time makes on the tarot readers (except the obvious reason of familiarity with the cards) lol!

*.* Love, Light & Lasting Friendships *.*

Miss Sunshine.x


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