Day 5: When & where did I give my first reading?


This is actually a really funny story that makes me giggle as much now, as it did then. Maybe even more actually. It was in my kitchen, at home, with my father!

So if you’ve been keeping up with my previous posts for the 30 day tarot challenge, you will already know that I come from quite a ‘spiritually’ open family. When I say that, I am talking about my immediate family, and mainly my Mammy & sister. I have already spoken about my Mammy playing a bit part in what opened me up to the tarot.

However for my father it’s not exactly the same story. Although I wouldn’t necessarily say that he’s not ‘open’ to the tarot; he’s not actively involved in it either, but since he loves us & he encourages with anything we do- he will happily sit and let  you do readings for him.

I’ll never forget when I first decided like, “yes! It’s time to start doing these readings on other people!” I was already quite glued to my deck, always having them in my hands and pulling random cards & thinking about their meanings. Then when my light bulb moment came I went running into the kitchen and asked if I could do my dad a reading. So we sat there and being full of bubbles and excitement and premature confidence I decided my first spread would be a 12 month spread for the upcoming year.

A little ambitious you might think for a first reading? You’re absolutely right! I pulled all of the cards and sat there contemplating how they all fitted together and what the actual messages behind it all was & my father, bless him, was sitting there in silence watching me ‘tune in’ and focus on what would be a prediction of his future.

After about 20 minutes of silence my father asked me, “so can you tell me what’s going to happen, then?” and quite bluntly, I just replied “yes, I’ll email you.” On that one liner, I left the kitchen and retired to the living room with the rest of my family. Not so long after, my dad came walking in and told me he hoped that wasn’t what I was going to say to anybody else who I was reading ahaha!

The thing  that makes me laugh the most is that for starters, he was mainly only having the reading because he knew I wanted to do it but then, he had sat there patiently waiting for me not to say anything to him in the end anyway!

I don’t even think I was nervous, I think I had just completely over faced myself with the spread, especially for a first reading! lol! & you know how even more awful I am, I’m not sure I ever did email him any of that reading (which I did piece together gradually over time, decoding the 24 cards I had pulled!)

He was the perfect querent, but back then, I wasn’t a professional in any sense of the word! Thank you dad! ^^

What about you? Were you nervous giving your first reading? Where did you do it?

*.* Love, Light & Learning! *.*

Miss Sunshine.x


2 thoughts on “Day 5: When & where did I give my first reading?

  1. Love it, thanks for sharing. I’m not sure what I would call my first reading but I remember frantically begging and pleading for information from spirit every time and being utterly surprised when people could the smallest of fact!


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