Pay It Forward day 13 – The Wise Owl


Today I spend the afternoon with a friend who just got back from a weekend get-away in London. Whilst getting ready to meet her, I become aware of the bubbles of excitement and anticipation filling up my body when I was thinking of the tales she would soon be telling me. Continue reading


Pay It Forward Day 8 – Watch With Glittering Eyes

10984827_10152544447436707_805356337_nToday I went to Disneyland Paris. I’ve always loved watching a good old Disney film & the fact that the last time I went to the themepark was about 13years ago, I was super happy to be invited by a group of friends to go again.

I feel like no matter what age you go at, it’s just so magical and full of excitement! In fact, going as an adult gave me something extra because I was thinking, if it feels THIS magical to me, imagine how it is for small children- just wow! Continue reading

Pay It Forward Day 7 – Smile Infection


Isn’t it always nice when you see people smiling? I love the story of the infectious smile where if you walk around with a smile of your face, then everybody you meet will start to smile and then make everybody they meet smile too and the ripple effect just keeps going on and on…

I think it’s a wonderful thought thinking that something as simple as a smile can bring brightness to so many people’s lives. They don’t cost anything and they make everybody feel good… so what are we waiting for? Continue reading