Spread The Love Challenge


I was recently tagged by a fellow sunshine sprinkler – Jessica who’s the pretty woman behind the blog Send Sunshine to write a post for the Spread The Love Challenge which began on Valentines Day 2015. Continue reading


Pay It Forward day 13 – The Wise Owl


Today I spend the afternoon with a friend who just got back from a weekend get-away in London. Whilst getting ready to meet her, I become aware of the bubbles of excitement and anticipation filling up my body when I was thinking of the tales she would soon be telling me. Continue reading

Pay It Forward Day 6 – Helping Hands

2514357_1415458733.1183One of the best things about starting this blog, for me, is how many people it opens you up to. I’m quite amazed at how many many blogs, websites and pages that I’ve come across & just the sheer amount of people who are trying to bring good things to the world.

Over the weekend, while scrolling through my Facebook page, I came across a page which kind of tore me into two. Continue reading